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How does search engine optimization (SEO) work?

Search engine optimization has everything to do with how often your website, profile, and/or products come up in the free search results of Google or other search engines. The way you describe your business and its products--including how you discuss what your images include--affect your ability to earn organic (free) traffic to your page. Yoast offers an excellent example of how to make sure your products are optimized for organic visibility in search engines: Yoast is regarded as a best-in-practice solution and is incorporated for merchants adding products. You can edit your meta title and meta description in the "SEO" section of your product when adding it to the Marketplace.

The video below includes a discussion that outlines some of the key concepts that impact SEO. You can also reach out to W.D. Strategies for additional support understanding how to improve your store's SEO:

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