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How do I offer gift cards or vouchers?


Best practices for use of gift cards, vouchers, and coupons will depend heavily upon your business model and operational strategy. We've listed two common use cases below and examples of how to implement them, but would also recommend booking a consultation with W.D. Strategies, our strategic/technical partner, who could offer specific suggestions based on your use case:

For Service Providers

You can offer gift cards/vouchers through the Marketplace as long as you've got a system for redemption worked out internally. That means if you sell services and want to offer a voucher, you'll need to let the customer know how many sessions or redemptions the card/voucher is worth when creating the product description.

For Tangible Goods

Creating a Gift Card / Voucher

The mechanics of actually creating a gift card is very straightforward: Begin by creating a new product in the store, and set it as a "digital" product. Then you'll choose between simple (if only one value is offered - such as offering a one-time service via gift card); or variable (if you're offering varying amounts of store credit (ex. $25, $50, $100)). You'll then add the description and other custom information to describe how to order/redeem the card.

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